Big News? Place it on the Homepage Now!

It’s amazing to me how something so simple can be so complicated sometimes. When you have Big News! you are excited to tell the world about your new conference speech, panel discussions, post, event, special or whatever it is that is happening. You want to tell the world! You are killing it on Facebook and Twitter and yet your website has this information where? Oh, you hid the information in an obscure tab. Why? Is this where your web person told you it should go? ¬†Are they a tidy person and want all things that talk about speeches and conferences to sit only on that tab?

I am sad that you don’t have more control over your site because your BIG NEWS should be front and center on your website Homepage!

Most people are directed to your homepage of your website over your tabbed areas. It takes a while to build up interest in the other areas of your menu or navigation. Of course there are exceptions – but the majority of your traffic goes to your homepage first. If there is nothing there that ever changes except for new blog posts no one will ever know that you have a brand new event happening. Most people will read your blog post and be done with it. Consider the fact that most blog posts just end and there is no other navigation to direct people to other areas of your website. This dead end kills a lot of your efforts and causes people to leave your site.

Marketing is very important. Well crafted content is important, yes, but also leading or guiding your reader to other content on your site is just as important.

Take a fresh look at your website and scroll to the end. Do I know where to go next? Do I have choices? Are you forcing me to just read what you want me to read or can I make a choice to look at your events area or read another blog post? Take a fresh look and see if you can keep your visitors interested in all of your content – not just the latest blog post. And your Big News? Place it on the homepage now! Just tell the web person to place the important things front and center – you can link over to the tab area to tell more, but the big message should be broadcast on the front page.

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