Dated Information

Beware of speakers telling you the tips and tricks of social media. Some of these speakers are using old tactics – dated information. Some tactics can get you banned from Google searches. When someone is supposed to be providing good, up-to-date information you should be listening for something new that makes sense but you are not quite familiar with the topic. This makes you curious and ask questions. At a recent meeting I was surprised to hear a presentation full of dated information and it was presented as something new and exciting. I truly felt bad for some of the new social media folks in the room thinking they had heard quite interesting information.

Facebook is a Shell of It’s Former Self – Don’t Put too Much Effort into It

Dated Information in a social media presentation is a waste of time.Perhaps it was the talking about Facebook so much that had me hoping he was just setting us up for the good stuff later on in the talk. Nope. It was the same tired information about Facebook. Even Princeton researchers say it will all come to an end in 2017. Unless they re-invent themselves – and that’s entirely possible. But we need to market for the here and now.

My point? Understand that your speaker does not always have all the great answers – you still have to do a bit of research for yourself to find that gem of a question that needed a great answer. I did that and found 3 excellent and recently written (notice the emphasis?) articles providing the information I needed on this specific platform.

Was the meeting a loss? Not really.

I always take something great out of these meetings and if I have to sit through the same ol’ same ol’ to get a few gems – I’ll be fine. When my question was not answered and this person had written a book on the subject it got me to thinking about writing my own book. I, however, will not use a ghost writer.

Don’t let dated information get in your way. Make sure to only follow subject matter experts that use social media every day and actually know the tricks and techniques to get your brand found online. And don’t be shy about trying new things. If you are not on Instragram right now you are missing out on fine-tuning a great traffic stream to your sites and ecommerce platforms. If you need assistance – even for just marketing ideas, training or a full campaign or 4 – call me at 970-430-8108. Jan

UPDATE JAN 2017: Clearly Facebook is doing just fine. I re-read this post thinking that the medium had not updated anything in a long while and they cut back on showing posts from business pages. That made many social media managers like myself flee to Pinterest and Twitter. Then Instagram kicks things up a notch and then we saw Facebook not only innovate, but they bought Instagram. Thinks are much better now. Make sure the information you receive is timely. Think about the Olympic swimmers of today. Are they still wearing the same suits from 5 years ago? Nope! They are faster with newer materials and designs. We have to do this with our business tactics as well. Good luck!


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