2015 Marketing Plan

2015 Marketing PlanSometimes we get a bit overwhelmed with social media requirements, creating sales, promoting new inventory and taking care of customers. If you have not taken a moment to write a marketing plan for the new year, now is the time.

2015 Marketing Plan

2015 Marketing Plan by Colorado Website RedesignWhat are consumers doing in the new year? What is happening in their daily lives where your product provides some kind of solution? How do you position your product as viable for their family or business?

These are the types of questions you should be asking about your customers. Do you know where they are? Are they traveling more? Shopping online? Can they find you online with the proper keyword searches? These are items to consider.

2015 Marketing Plan – Successes from 2014

What worked during the 2014 year? You had successes and some misses, like most companies. If you were to do something again that was successful in 2014 – how could you make it even better? If something works – do it again and step up your offerings or make the campaign run longer – but certainly repeat things that work. Having time to reflect on last year’s successes is good for all business owners. It reminds you of the good things and minimizes the focus on something that perhaps did not go so well.

We tend to want everything to work perfectly and when it doesn’t there might be a bit of over-analyzing.

The most successful business owners can turn on a dime, not let the failures overtake their thoughts and they re-group faster to emerge with profit.

Include Great Images in your 2015 Marketing Plan

2015 Marketing PlanGood photography is a must in 2015. The social media channels reward great photography. Smart images that show how your products work with minimal wording in the form of slide shows – this a great way to great interest and sales. All images should be watermarked very slightly with either website or Facebook direction to your platform pages. Funneling customers to purchase online, or use a coupon in the retail store or entice customers from other websites with your ad on another site – these actions require great photography that compels people to act. When you purchase something from Amazon local you notice the delicious food, the delightful relaxed client being massaged, the clean carpets looking sharp and smooth from the carpet cleaners work. The words are secondary. Do you still need great content? Yes. But no one will read your content without good images.

If you need any assistance in gathering together your 2015 Marketing Plan call me, Jan Rossi at 970-430-8108 and I will help you create something amazing. With a vision you will focus more on the key elements needed to succeed. Elements you set forth in your plan. Plan your work and work your plan. It is an age-old statement that still rings true today in 2015. Get started and make 2015 the year your business takes an amazing leap forward!

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