SEO Title, Keywords and Site Structure – Still Important in 2016

I haven’t written a blog post in quite some time as I’ve been busy working on my clients’ sites. Today I thought it a good idea to share with you something that has me a bit concerned and it needs to be addressed. I mention it as a header tag as this is still important in the world of website Search Engine Optimization better known as SEO –

SEO Title, Keywords and Site Structure – Still Important in 2016

SEO Title, Keywords and Site Structure - Still Important in 2016When Google made lots of changes and told everyone that “don’t worry, we’re going to figure out what’s on your page for you” this was taken by many people as a monkey-off-my-back and now-Im-going-to-save-money-and-get-rid-of-my-SEO-person type of action. There was celebrations, congratulatory slaps on the back and parties going into the wee hours of the morning because now everyone had permission to do absolutely nothing.

“Google’s gonna figure out what my site is all about and I can free up some time and money,” exclaimed many a site owner. You could hear the sighs of relief coming from newbie web folks. “Alright, alright, alright!  We don’t have to focus on that portion of our site.”

Or do you?

Had a discussion just this morning with one of my clients who spent lot of time and effort making a great video showcasing a new product. There are two people in the video – let’s call them Lisa and Paul. My client named the page on his website “Lisa and Paul.”  There are only 2 lines of written text that say briefly that Lisa and Paul talking about our new product – no mention of product name. The URL structure is simply

Wow, now is Google in the mind reading business? Did I miss that interactive cool graphic showing lightening bolts of telepathy coming out of the Google headquarters as they conjure up the exact meaning of our new page?

No. Simply no.

When I pointed it out that we should title the page with two important keywords so that it helps with SEO and let’s leave their names out of the title, etc. I was met with this statement:

“I feel that many SEO techniques are old and outdated and no longer relevant. Google will determine what my page is all about.”

No, that is actually not correct. I agree that the older practices of massive link building, spinning content and excessive linking is dead and will actually hurt your sites rankings, but to not put a valuable keyword in the Title and URL of your page is plain foolish. You better hope that a duo by the name of Lisa and Paul don’t pull a massive heist and everyone searching on those two names will then find your page (that they did not want to see) and bounce off leaving Google no choice but to downgrade your site.

Site Structure – Part of good SEO Practices

Having a quick and easy site structure is great for not only users of your site, but also Google bots who are looking for a solid structure. Keywords that relate to each other and internal linking is still good as well. Social media cues are important and if we have articles that are shared it is determined that this particular content was valuable enough for the reader to share with others.

Let’s face it. Time is money. I would love to have more time to right pithy blog posts that provide valuable information, but I am working my client’s sites all day long and very rarely have time for my own. I strongly urge you not to put your feet up on the Lazy-Boy train when it comes to SEO. Help Google determine what your pages are all about. Give them the relevant keywords. If you don’t practice these easy techniques to help your get found, your competitor will take over those valuable positions and you’ll find yourself back on page 5 or 20 in search results.

Keep your best SEO Title, Keywords and Site Structure in mind for your business website. Don’t be fooled by the “we’ll do that” mantra from Google. They are really trying to prevent people from gaming the system.


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