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There is a lot of information about Social Media across the internet. What is new and interesting about it?  Well, let’s just say that it is one thing that is constantly changing. The term Social Media refers to online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Places. These are places we gather online and converse with our neighbors and friends across state lines (instead of typical neighborhood fences) to share information, news, photos, tips, recommendations, etc. It has grown tremendously in the past few years and has no intention of slowing down. Does your business currently engage in Social Media? It’s great place for your business to have a strong presence.


Facebook: The King of Social Media

Facebook and Social Media | Colorado Website Redesign | Jan RossiHaving a Facebook personal social media profile to chat with family members, high school buddies, ex-college marching band or football friends, old cubicle mates and the like – that’s what we think of when we think of Facebook. But there is more to this social media platform than just reminiscing and sharing photos. These are people in our lives that we trust, we respect and we want to stay in touch with online. Having a Facebook personal page allows us do that in an easy, free forum. When Facebook introduced business pages it opened up a whole new way to connect with customers. When your friend “likes” a page, you are notified and you are more apt to do business with that establishment as well.  Friends make business recommendations to other friends – this is the perfect sharing model for businesses.  If you do not have a business presence on Facebook you are missing out on connecting with new, future customers through their friends. Be sure to include Facebook as your top Social Media program and grow your business the old fashioned way (but online) through referrals!


Twitter: The Misunderstood Social Media Platform

Twitter by Colorado Website Redesign |  Fort Collins, CO |  Jan Rossi140 characters. Updates. One line of text. So, why do I need to be on this silly social media tool? Aahh, many a smart, small business owner has uttered these very words. These are the people that don’t quite “get it” yet. That’s ok. Once you see the power Twitter has – you pretty much want to jump in daily. And yes, it is very misunderstood. There is clutter – aggressive affiliates tweeting “wow – look at this video!!!!!!” and constant mentions of celebrities – “I heart Beiber!!!!  ♥  ♥ ” and just people posting links with no mention of where you are going – but I guess that is the fun, creative, randomness of Twitter some times. You control who you are following and those are the feeds that you see (not all the random chatter about horses or golf if you like cats and football). You respond to people and they respond back. It is a super way for a business to announce specials, talk with other local or national businesses in the same field, and in general be a good community member in the Twittervillas as I like to call the land of Twitter.  If you are interested in jumping in, or if you need instruction on how to utilize Twitter to increase your business and your brand exposure, use the Quote Me! tab and request a quote for your social media package. If you think Twitter is just for 13 year olds, your competition is gonna eat your lunch. Let’s crush the competition and go out to a fancy dinner, shall we? 🙂


Google Places:  Local reviews, maps and your entry to Social Media

Social Media - Google Places by Colorado Website Redesign of Fort Collins, ColoradoIf you don’t want to be on Facebook and you are not so keen on Twitter you most definitely have to have a presence on Google Places. Google Places is a free service from Google that gives customers your address, phone, map (with pictures or traditional map format) description of your business and a review area. If you do not claim your Google Places area, your savvy computer customers are going to think you are not very sharp. Yes, this is true. It’s been available for a while now, so if you have a listing out there you have not claimed yet, it’s time to claim it as the owner and load up your business information and pictures. Sometimes this is the initial exposure customers have with your business. These results are listed before what is known as “organic” searches – or the normal website search results. I guess you could say that the Google Places area has replaced the phone book. It would be nice if the phone book people would stop printing the yellow pages – we could save some trees (yes I understand all the recycling people saying that they are recycled…..but many end up in the landfill). So – back to Google Places. You must be here. Do you have a business? You should be listed here and make it look like someone’s home. If not, many people will assume you might be out of business. Yes! Sometimes you only have a split second to make an impression… Google Places page?….some people move on to the next result – your competitor. Can CWR assist you with this? Absolutely!  Go to Quote me! now and we can sort things out quickly.


Craigslist: The Sellers & Buyers Social Media World

Craigslist - Social Media by Colorado Website RedesignIn its own way, Craigslist has evolved into a slice of social media. It is the gathering place for people worldwide to sell and buy things. It has turned into a very active forum of sellers and buyers that regularly search for specific products, specials, deals, free things and one-of-a-kind special items. Businesses have found creative ways to sell services, eBooks, old inventory, display shelves – you name it. And it is a great way to expose people to your goods and services. Craigslist is not your typical “social media” platform – but in certain areas there is constant chatter and contributions from fashion to politics and spa services. Having a custom branded image with your business logo, phone number and link to your website is one way to separate you from your competition on Craigslist. Just putting a bit of polish on your business offering contributes to your brand image and increases your sales success. If Craigslist is an area where you’d like to have a stronger image, let us help you keep your business message professional and clear. See our Social Media package offerings page for detailed pricing. Don’t overlook Craigslist as a source for business sales. This forum is read by such a diverse section of the local population – you’d be amazed at the power of Craigslist. I thought it deserved its own bit of attention so that is why you see it here on our Social Media page. Jump in with links to detailed product pages and your website. Potential customers will see your brand and remember your information – you never know when someone will stop in and you make a sale.


Whatever you do – don’t underestimate the power of these social media platforms.

Facebook = 850 million daily active users.

Twitter – 195 registered users.

Foursquare – 7.5 million users.


Ready to join in the Social Media revolution? Let Colorado Website Redesign set  you up today – go to our Quote Me! page or call 970-430-8108 now.

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